We are about to begin the process to reactivate your NET10 phone, which will take approximately 10 minutes. Please follow these simple steps to avoid programming and reactivation delays.

  1. Please have your NET10 phone with you during the programming process.

  2. Make sure that your battery is installed. Charge your battery or plug it into the battery charger included with your NET10 phone. For information on how to install your battery click here.

  3. When your NET10 is turned on you may receive the message "SIM card registration failed" because your phone has not yet been activated. Disregard this message and clear the display by pressing the navigation key, which is the button below the display. If your phone displays "Insert SIM", please insert your SIM card into your phone. For instructions on how to insert the SIM card, click here.

  4. You will need to have your NET10 phone Serial Number. For instructions on how to find your serial number click here.

For more information on essential service requirements, click here.