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Q. How do I know which plan to pick?
A. NET10 Wireless offers a flexible suite of plans to meet different customers' needs. To view the different options, click here to find one that's right for you.
Q. How often do I need to buy and add an Airtime Card?
A. To keep your NET10 Service active, you must add Airtime before the Service End Date or days left that is displayed on your NET10 phone screen.If your NET10 phone runs out of Airtime Minutes, you will need to buy a NET10 Prepaid Wireless Airtime card to add more minutes. The amount of minutes you use is entirely up to you.
Adding more NET10 Airtime Cards extends your active service either 30, 60, 90, 120, or 180 days from the date the card is added, depending on the denomination of the Airtime Card. The minutes and services days you add to your NET10 phone will be added to the minutes and service days you already have with the exception of the 30 Day Monthly Plans.
Q. What should I do if I lose my Airtime Card?
A. If the purchase was done with your credit card online, simply contact our Customer Care Center at 1-877-TEN-CENT (1-877-836-2368) for assistance.
Q. Can I share my minutes with another NET10 customer?
A. No, Airtime cards can only be used by one phone.
Q. Can I buy an Airtime Card for another person?
A. Yes, as long as the credit card is registered under that Serial Number and you have the other person's Serial Number with you to complete the sale.
Q. Why do our plans have different prices?
A. The amount of high speed data may vary on each 30 Day plan. This will change the price of the plan. High speed may also vary depending on the Plan chosen. Click here for more information.
Q. Why did I get 50,000 Minutes on my phone?
A. Even though you received 50,000 Minutes, there are less than 50,000 in a month.
Q. Can I use International Long Distance when I add a 30-Day Plan or a Pay-As-You-Go plan?
A. International Long Distance is available with the $65 Unlimited International** 30-Day Plan. It includes Unlimited International calls to Mobile phones in Mexico, Canada, China, India and over 1,000 landline destinations. Our Pay-As-You-Go plans also include International Long Distance to hundreds of destinations for 15 or less per minute.
Q. Can I use text messaging when I add the NET10 30-Day Unlimited International** Plan or the 1000 Minutes Pay as you Go Plan?
A. Yes. When you add a NET10 Unlimited International** 30-Day Plan or the 1000 Minutes Pay as you Go Plan, you may use these minutes for text messaging.
Q. Can I buy and download ringtones, wallpapers and other data services when I add the NET10 Unlimited 30-Day Plan or the 1000 Minutes Pay as You Go Plan?
A. Yes, but you can only buy them through the NET10 website using a credit card.
Q. What is the difference between a PayGo card and a NET10 Plan?
A. PayGo cards offer the carry-over benefit, in which Minutes and Service Days can be stacked; whereas the NET10 Plans are unable to do so. For more information, please refer to the NET10 terms and conditions.