International Long Distance / $10 Global

Q. How does the $10 Pay as You Go ILD card work?
A. You just purchase the $10 ILD card from our website, automated system or customer service representative. The balance is added to your phone, and as long as you have a balance, you will be able to make an international call. You need to dial an access number before dialing the international number you wish to connect to. We offer a free direct dial option to Android users, who can download the application from the Google Play Store . iPhone users will see a new direct dial app coming soon to iTunes.
The dollar balance will be deducted depending on the destination rate and the call time.Remaining balances on your card will roll over to your next service cycle.You can add as many $10 cards as you wish or need. The balance will just accumulate once a new card is added.
Once the Plan has been added to your phone, simply dial the access number 1-404-698-4700 and follow the instructions.
Q. Does unused balance roll over to the next billing period?
A. Yes, unused balance will roll over to the next service cycle.
Q. What locations/destinations are included?
A. All destinations are included in the $10 Global international card. For a list of destinations and their rates, visit or click here.
Q. How do I find out what the $10 ILD card rates are to specific countries/destinations?
A. For a list of destinations and their rates, visit or click here.
Q. What is the difference between the $10 ILD card and the Unlimited* International plan?
A. The $10 Global international card can be added to any NET10 service plan, and offers a $10 credit to make international calls to any destination in the world. You can add as many $10 cards as you wish or need. Any remaining balance will accumulate once a new card is added.

The $65 NET10 Unlimited* International Service Plan allows you to make INTERNATIONAL calls to Mobile phones in Mexico, Canada, China, India and over 1,000 landline destinations.
Q. How do I get ILD to work?
A. It is as easy as purchasing your regular service monthly plan. You just have to purchase the $10 Global card and a $10 international calls balance will be accredited to your phone number. Then in order to make international calls, you need to dial 404-698-4700 or download our free direct dial apps available for Androids at the Google Play Store or click here. iPhone users, there will be a new direct dial app coming to iTunes soon.
Q. Can I add more than one $10 Global card a month?
A. Yes, you can add as many $10 Global card as you want or need.
Q. How can I add more $10 ILD cards?
A. You can go to or click here. Or simply login to your account and click on 'Refill $10 Global' link or in the buy Airtime transaction.
Q. Does it work with any plan?
A. Yes, the $10 Global add-on international card works with any of our service plans.
Q. What if I have both $10 ILD and Unlimited* ILD?
A. Only calls to destinations that are not covered by the Unlimited* International service plan will be deducted from your $10 Global balance. Any calls to destinations covered by the Unlimited International service plan will be completed with this service plan without deducting from your $10 Global balance.
Q. Does the balance expire?
A. The balance expires in 180 days from the last day of use or after 30 days of inactive service.