General Information / About NET10

Q. What is so special about NET10?
A. NET10 is the pay-as-you-go prepaid wireless phone service that requires no long term contracts, no credit checks, no activation fees, no monthly bills and no age limits!

NET10 offers unlimited calling and texting plus web access nationwide. It's the most flexible, best value, cell phone service available today. NET10 is a brand of TracFone Wireless Inc., America's leader in no-contract cell phones. The NET10 network is powered by one of America's leading cell phone providers.
Q. What is the cost of NET10?
A. NET10 Wireless phones retail as low as $29.99 each (MSRP) and include free Voice Mail, Caller ID and Call Waiting. Pay-as-you-go by buying prepaid Airtime cards as you need them. To view all Airtime Cards and prices, go to the "Buy Airtime" tab and select the "Buy Airtime Online" option.
Q. How can NET10 meet my wireless needs?
A. NET10 offers nationwide service, low per-minute rates and includes nationwide long distance at no additional cost. NET10 is a simple and convenient wireless service and can be found everywhere nationwide. NET10 also features International Calling service.
Q. Is there a contract?
A. With NET10, there are no contracts.
Q. Is there a credit check?
A. With NET10 there are no credit checks.
Q. Is there a deposit?
A. With NET10, there are no deposits.
Q. Is there a monthly bill?
A. With NET10, there are no monthly bills.
Q. Can I send international text messages from my NET10 phone?
A. At this time, the NET10 Android LG Optimus Net? (L45C) and LG? Optimus Q? (L55C) include unlimited international text messaging at no additional charge with an Unlimited International** Plan to the available destinations.
Q. How does the NET10 30-Day Plan work?
A. Once you purchase a Plan card, you will receive unlimited talk and text and, depending on the Plan, you will also get a fixed amount of data at high speed, then 2G*.
Q. What is the difference between a PayGo card and a NET10 Plan?
A. PayGo cards offer the carry-over benefit, in which Minutes and Service Days can be stacked; whereas the NET10 Plans are unable to do so.
Q. How can I set up Auto-Refill for the NET10 30-Day Plan?
A. Go to the NET10 "Manage Your Time" tab and choose NET10 Plans.