Features / Bluetooth

Q. What is Bluetooth®?
A. Bluetooth® is a short-range wireless communications technology intended to replace the cables connecting portable and/or fixed devices such as a headset or a hands-free device with the phone. It can operate over a distance of 10 meters (30 ft.) and does not require line-of-sight positioning of connected devices.
Q. What can I do with Bluetooth®?
A. All Bluetooth®-enabled phones can be used with a Bluetooth® headset. Some models have additional features that allow you to transfer ringtones, pictures and files from one phone to another whenever both are Bluetooth®-enabled phones.
Q. Which phone models are Bluetooth® enabled?
A. The following phone models are all Bluetooth®-enabled:

W377G, 326G, W408, EX124G, W409G, W418G, EX431G, W419G

S425G, 455C, T340G, 201G, R355C, T401, R451, R335C, T404, T330G, S125G, S390G, S735C, S150G, S336C

325G, 235C, 505C, 430G, 600G, 900G, 231C, 620G, 220C, 800G, 500G, 501C, 221C, 440G, 840G, 306G, 305C, 237C, 109C

A382G, A556C, A205G, A392G, A383G, A206G, A394C


H215G, H110C, H210C

All Android handsets are also Bluetooth®- enabled.
Q. How do I use Bluetooth®?
A. To receive instructions on how to use Bluetooth®, please go to Technical Support on the top right hand corner of the tool bar on top of the screen, and select the "Technical Difficulties" option.